The enlargement of the EEC to include new countries has given entrepreneurs accessibility to a broad market potential. Profitable perspectives might encourage you to strike up relationships with other European firms. However you should keep in mind that new relationships especially beyond the borders can entail some risks!

For a start there are issues like creditworthiness, ethics and business situation. Those issues are essential in order for you to build your own impression. Furthermore you will be confronted to legislations and payment customs that still vary from one country to another despite de European unification. ISN is a BIGNet partner (Business Information Group) and can provide any business information according to your needs. Our work is based on data confidentiality and on the standardization of our reports.


In Europe, forefront suppliers of business information have combined their resources through BIGNet. ISN is the Dutch BIGNet partner, a network that provides data on more than 7, 5 million companies in Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Bulgaria. For information on companies based outside the BIGNet scope ISN works on a regular basis with a network of reliable international information suppliers.

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